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Atlantis Healthcare - Celebrating 20 Years of Delivering Patient Support Programs

Saturday, 10 December 2016

LONDON, Dec. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Atlantis Healthcare, a pioneer and global leader of health psychology-based patient support programs, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Atlantis’ mission is to optimize health outcomes for patients, through solutions that support them to improve their medication adherence and self-manage their condition effectively.

Over the past 20 years, Atlantis has evolved the application of health psychology and behavior change to tackle the adherence challenge. This includes using its published COM-B model for adherence and more recently launching Atlantis’ Self-Management Framework.

Atlantis Healthcare CEO Matthew Walls says: “Atlantis has been a pioneer in this area, working globally with health psychology academics to devise innovative, highly personalized solutions to tackle non-adherence to drug therapies – it’s is a relatively new science discipline.”

Providing tailored support for patients is a complex task for the pharmaceutical industry and Atlantis is able to call upon 20 years’ of relevant expertise and experience to guide clients through this process. Atlantis also has a commitment to measuring program effectiveness to demonstrate value to clients and payors. This includes incorporating robust measurement strategies as an integral part of programs and in some cases, conducting randomized controlled trials.

UK Managing Director Jonny Duder, who has been at Atlantis since 2002, says: “We had an aspiration to offer meaningful and impactful support on a global level and we're doing that now. We'll continue to put our energy into making a difference to people’s lives, working hard to stay at the forefront of where this space is going.”

Isabelle Van Bellegham, Patient Solution Lead, Diabetes Division at Sanofi (an Atlantis client), describes working with Atlantis as “an amazing experience”.  She explains: “Atlantis owns and shares their strong expertise in building and running patient support programs. Moreover, they behave and act as real partner. This is of great value and enables our team to meet very ambitious objectives.”

Since launching in New Zealand in 1996, Atlantis has developed a global footprint, with offices in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Germany, Spain and US. The company has successfully harnessed digital technology to deliver highly personalized patient support programs.

Matthew Walls says Atlantis is now well placed to build on its success over the last two decades. “We are ahead of the curve when it comes to designing, developing and delivering support programs for patients. We have pushed the boundaries and we'll continue to focus our energies on finding new evidence-based solutions which can make a difference, both in terms of health outcomes for patients and delivering value for insurers, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.”


About Atlantis Healthcare Group

Atlantis Healthcare leverages health psychology to develop and deliver uniquely personalized healthcare solutions that drive sustained improvement in patient outcome through self-management and treatment adherence across chronic diseases.

With the largest team of globally recognized health psychology experts in a commercial setting, supported by digital creative experts, Atlantis Healthcare uses clinically proven models and academic research to develop award-winning behavior change programs, helping patients achieve better health outcomes. The group provides solutions and services across the globe from offices in UK, Germany, US, Australia and New Zealand.


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