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Our Expertise

Our proprietary framework allows us to specify the self-management behavior(s) we are targeting, along with the factors which are likely to be barriers or facilitators to this behavior. We then identify the most relevant solution(s) from our portfolio, before mapping evidence-based behavior change techniques to these factors.


Client Solutions

Atlantis Healthcare’s unique expertise in health psychology and behavior change is effective for designing, developing, and optimizing healthcare experience and outcomes. Whether the goal is to improve treatment adherence, patient support, or patient engagement, our team can provide: 

  • Behavioral Insights Research — Atlantis Healthcare health psychology specialists conduct a wide range of primary and secondary research to help clients uncover the beliefs and drivers of patient behavior. Our team uses the insights to generate recommendations, from training to solution delivery.
  • Disease awareness and activation through behavior change — Atlantis Healthcare infuses our disease education campaigns with behavior change techniques to activate patients and caregivers. Tactics work to improve patients’ understanding of a disease / condition, share treatment information, and empower patients to play an active part in health-related decisions.
  • Personalized patient and caregiver support programs (PSP) — Atlantis Healthcare is a worldwide expert in improving adherence. Our programs have been recognized with awards for excellence in Patient Education and Support, as well as Patient Adherence and Persistency. Our PSP expertise includes:
    • Adherence solutions — Our programs use personalized, belief-based communications to help patients accept their diagnosis, learn to manage treatment, and overcome any concerns or barriers to treatment continuation. Belief-based programs have been shown to support more durable behavior change than programs based solely on incentives and reminders.
    • Doctor-Patient dialogue tools — Atlantis Healthcare specializes in creating tools to support positive doctor-patient interactions that uncover and reduce treatment concerns, while promoting shared decision making, individual goal setting, and problem solving.
    • Multi-channel deployment — Personalized, belief-based communications can be delivered by phone, text, email, print or through a trained (nurse) call center. Our CRM platform ensures the right cadence and sequence of messaging, in response to patient input and identified beliefs.
    • Optimized patient services — Atlantis Healthcare provides consulting and training programs for case managers, hub/pharmacy staff and patient assistance teams. Our programs help these teams listen for, and assess, patient needs in order to optimize the impact of each conversation. Atlantis also ensures that the content and tools used in patient conversations make the best use of the health psychology insights.
  • Access and Reimbursement Solutions — Our distribution services help to reduce barriers to accessing and managing treatment. Services include drug delivery, payment support, insurance investigations, collection services, refill and appointment reminders, monitoring prescription and delivery data, and program optimization.

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