Henry & Grace's story

Our self-management approach

Our primary research with Parkinsons disease’ sufferers and patient advocacy showed that a label of advanced Parkinsons’ disease means more than just a change of treatment for patients. It also represents a move into the next stage of the disease. This can be highly impactful in terms of disease burden – both for the patients themselves and for those who will have to increase the level of care they provide.

We therefore wanted to offer a solution that not only supported acceptance and adherence to treatment, but also acknowledged and prepared people for the changes to come.

Our Self-Management Framework

Our research and work with patient advocacy showed that some of the key factors impacting adjustment to Advanced MS included Illness Coherence, Personal Control, Social Support and HCP relationship.    

Our solution

Our Awareness solution was selected as an appropriate tool to offer support, both to patients and caregivers. This allowed us to provide guidance on the range of treatment options available to these patients prior to their commencement on treatment and to provide them with some practical guidance and set their expectations for the future. As well as facilitating informed decision making, it also activated and signposted people to get the support they needed early on.