John's story

Our self-management approach

In order to effectively support people like John in the self-management of Crohn’s disease, our team of health psychology specialists gathered evidence and insights relating to the clinical and psychosocial needs of people with the condition. Research was also conducted directly with patients and healthcare professionals to understand the lived experience of the disease.

A range of key self-management behaviors were identified as a priority for this population including: Treatment Adherence, Healthy Eating, Smoking Cessation, Managing Symptoms and Accessing Support.


The fact that the specific causes of Crohn’s disease are unclear can have a negative impact on patient perceptions of cause, control and confidence in their healthcare team.

Our Self-Management Framework

Our proprietary framework allows us to identify and target, at an individual level, the specific factors that act as barriers to self-management behaviors. For John, his key behavior need was Adherence to Treatment. His barriers were unhelpful beliefs about treatment, low sense of personal control over his Crohn’s and poor communication with his HCP.

Our solution

Our Treatment Support web solution was selected in this case. This solution allows for the support of a range of self-management behaviors and can adapt to the changing needs of people over time. The patient web portal was tailored to John’s specific needs and included evidence-based behavior change tools and techniques designed by our health psychology specialists in conjunction with our Digital Creative team. The platform also connects in with other support channels such as nurse services and print content to create a seamless personalized experience.



33% higher persistence at 6 months compared to people prescribed the same treatment, but not on the program.


Winner of Patient Adherence and Compliance Program 2013 at the Pharmaceutical Marketing European Awards and a runner up in 2015.